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Black Lotus Sports e.V. is a brandnew anti-fascist sports club in Marburg. We offer you the opportunity to practice sports, improve your own fitness, agility and strength and to learn effective self-defense techniques from different combat style in an cosmopolitian environment.

These include impact, kick and lever techniques and the rapid disarmament of the opponent.

Under "Media" you will find photos and videos to get an impression of our training.

If you are interested in our team, write us an e-mail -> to find in “Kontakt”.



About us

The BLS-Team

In summer 2016, we offered a free women's self-defence workshop. As a result of this positiv response, a sustained course developed which allowed everyone to participate. In the meantime, we are friends and a solid team.

At the beginning of 2017, we decided to create an official sports-club - a place for open-minded people, a nice place to train together where no racists, no sexists, no homophobists .. are accepted.












Everyone enjoys movement and combat sport, who respects the principles of our society, which are set out in the charter, can apply for a Membership. We strictly reject all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia and repression. Members of organizations, institutions, authorities or parties which embody these characteristics can not be included in our association as members.

If you are interested being a member of our team, just write us an e-mail. It would be great if you could tell us if you allready have experience. It is not a problem if you have no experience but as a trainer it is easier for me if I can take a little time for you to show you some fundamental stuff which makes it easier for you to enjoy the training with the others. The perfect date for that would be a thursday. There is the free-training and I have a lot of time to for newcomers.



How much is the membership?


In order to provide all persons, irrespective of their income, the possibility to become a member of our sportsclub, the membership is basically free of charge. The costs incurred for the association are covered by voluntary payments into the Community fund. New acquisitions from this fund will then be decided upon jointly.

Is political activity of interest for this sports club?


We just want to create an open, safe and friendly environment where you can practise sports together. It is important to us that everyone feels that there is no interest of her/his origin, status, sexuality, appaearance, religion or income.




Our training always takes place in a good atmosphere. We make sure everyone is comfortable at all times. It is also important to us that you make progress and grow beyond your borders. How fast this is in the individual case always depends on how frequently and with what attitude you participate in the training.



Warm Up and Parkour

Each workout starts with an extensive warm-up. This increases the essential endurance, strength and agility for every elemental combat sport. Above all, it reduces the risk of injury during the actual workout. This includes also falling and rolling exercises. In addition, we offer elements such as jumps and somersaults from the popular Parkour sport.



Tuesday - Streetfight-Selfdefence

8³°-10 pm

Depending on combat style, camphor experience and above all the number of opponents as well as spatial conditions, different defense strategies are necessary.

For example, it may sometimes be enough to use only fixing leverage-techniques

from, for example, jiu jutsu, to remove an obtrusive person out of the the building. But those technikes are ineffective in situations with multiple attackers.

Also the popular Brazilian variant is dangerous in such a case, because on the ground one is an easy target for other opponents.

If you only use punching techniques from the boxing, Kickboxer can be superior

because of their longer range, because you do not get close enough to the opponent.

Self-defense should always be appropriate to the situation and must be instinctive due to the usually short time of an escalation.

The solution here is a combination of punching-, kick-, and leverage techniques from kickboxes, kung fu, jiu jitsu, kali, krav maga and systema, which are intensively applied after the learning in the controlled sparring to the targeted application.




Sunday - Kali+Parkour
4-7 pm

Kali is a very old fighting technique from the philippine islands. It is designed exclusively for efficiency and therefore it is extremely dangerours for opponents. Together with the variations Arnis and Escrima they are applied both  - armed and unarmed. Simple everyday objects such as umbrellas, (broken away) broomsticks, the metal frame of a pair of glasses or even a keybund can quickly become a dangerours weapon that can save lifes in an emergency situation. the disarmament of the opponent plays a central role here. Whether your are attacked with baseball bat or truncheon - after some trining sessions this will not be anymore a insuluble problem for you.

With the two-sticks-training, the coordination capability of your body is considerable improved. The arms act independently and simultaneously carry out different movements. This allows multiple opponents to be held at the same time in different directions at the same time. The movements in Kali are fast and instinctive. With frequent changes of training-partners and a lot of time for free-fight you will be trained according to structured learning of the techniques in these qualities.








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